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Why do people give up so quickly on New Year’s resolutions?


It is true that we all start a new year with a wish list. A list that contains  the changes we want to see in us and around us. However, after a month we find ourselves delaying changes and goals for the next month, and even the following year. But why ? It is because we always think that we do not have what to it takes to accomplish them. We always think that we don’t have enough strength to change, enough money to start a business, or enough confidence to start working on a dream. The true is that you will not always have everything you need right away to pursue your goals, you have to start with what you have, and then everything you need will be added as you grow. Note that a tree needs more sun and more water while it is growing, not while it is not. His roots  go deep into the soil to look for nutrients when they are growing. You won’t need everything right away because your goal won’t need it if it has not grown enough. Once you will  start working on a project, the right persons and the right doors will come your way because you would have made a step forward to look for them. If people like Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of KFC, have waited to have enough equipment and money to start his business, he would have not become that successful. He realized that he had everything he needed, and it was enough. He looked inside of him, and around him. He had an idea, confidence, his fried chicken, and his feet to walk though his neighborhood. Today, look inside of you, and look around you. You have an idea, you have confidence, and you have in your environment what you need to work with. It can be a small amount of money or a small office, but at least you have something, so start with it. Your environment can be richer in tools  than you think, see what Colonel Harland David Sanders accomplished. The time will never be perfect, because nothing is 100 % perfect in life. You are the one who control the time, the time you have is just what you make of it. Some people waste it, some use it and some save it. What are you doing with the time you have now? You might not have that time next time because you can die next year. So, stop wasting the time, but act in it. Everything you need is inside you, and around you. Go for your dreams in 2017.




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