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A wish list always looks  better if it fits with reality. I mean you can’t be superman during this year if you are constantly under gravity. So before writing down the goals you want to reach during a new year, take account of these criteria:

1. Internal Resources: This criteria include all the intangible capacities that you have like : creating an idea, having enough faith and strength. These are the top 3 capacities everybody need while travelling through the road of success. You don’t have to have a huge idea, a lot of faith or  strength to pursue your goals, but you have to have enough of them, and they have to be constant.
2. Personal Resources: This criteria include all the natural resources that God has given to you. I mean your brain, your hands, your feet, your ears and your voice. Whatever your dreams are, they can be running your own business, writing a book , going to a school dance, recording a song or being a teacher, your natural gifts will always help you to accomplish what you need to do. Don’t always rely on technology because people like Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of KFC, did no wait to have a car of a sophisticated kitchen to start running his business, he used what God gave him. He used his feet to start selling his fried chicken to his neighbors. You might not have the latest version of the MacBook to work, but you can still use a pen or a pencil to write by hands.
3. Environmental resources: The environmental resources are everything that your environment has to help you pursue your goals. Your environment can have the people you can relate to for help and support, an amount of money, or a small office. In order to use those resources, you have to be able to identify which resource was meant to work with you or to be used by you. At first, not everybody is meant to help you, and to work with you. This is something that everybody has already noticed in their life, so be careful about who you let in your life. Some people can actually kill your dreams. Secondly, Plan how to use your money for what it was meant to be used for. A good trick when planning your expenses is always thinking that “do I really need it? Or want it? Ask yourself these questions whenever you add an expense on your list. Thirdly, make sure that whatever you want to use will contribute to your dreams. You might find a place to use,  start using it and realize later that that place was another investment because that place needed himself to be rebuilt or readjusted. Some tools that you can find useful may themselves need to be repair before being used, so be careful while choosing them, otherwise you will find yourselves investing on unexpected projects.

Mickaella Moyogo.





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