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How to keep the fire burning in a relationship?

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Love is like a fire, and a fire needs a good quality of woods, wind and dry leaves to keep burning. You just can’t be in a relationship, and think you got it all because you have the person you dreamt of. Relationship have to be taken care of to keep the love on top. Both partners have to work on keeping the fire burning. Remember, when you started dating, you were constantly trying to impress each other. It does not mean that you were only showing your bright side, but you were working so hard to fix yourself. Your dark side was being minimized so that your partner could feel comfortable in your environment. If you had a problem with controlling your mood, you were always trying to control it. If you had a problem with your hygiene habits, you were always trying to look clean and to clean after you. Both partners were working so hard to always make the other partner fell in love with the person they met yesterday. Now, you think it is OK to get angry with your partner because your partner will always be there since he decided to commit himself to you. You think that it is OK to be not so clean because your partner will understand. The thing is that your partner did not know that you were like that when you met because you were working on improving yourself, so you should keep improving yourself. Even if he sees your dark side, he should see that you are also working on improving yourself. Otherwise he will feel like he was trapped, and that he is not dating the person he thought you were. You should keep making feel your partner like he is still dating the same person he met yesterday and that you kept improving yourself. Don’t just try to improve yourself to attract your partner, and then let him in a position where he feels like he was trapped because he committed himself to you. Always make that person feel like you met yesterday. Take your partner out like on the first date. Talk to him like yesterday .Let him discover you. Never stop opening yourself to him. Take care of yourself like you did on the first date. Go to the gym, try a new haircut. Do everything you have to do, and make your partner feel like every day like you just met.

Mickaella Moyogo


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