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Why women still have insecurities even in a relationship?


Many women think that being in a relationship will make them feel more beautiful and confident about themselves because they would have been able to make someone falling in love with them. That’s why they wait until they are in a relationship to start stating that “they are beautiful.” That statement seems to be true, but it is actually not. Why many women get jealous when they see their man talking to another woman? Well, it is because they are constantly thinking that their man has not accepted them as they are. We all have that friend who is always jealous when she sees another woman talking to her man. Maybe sometimes, you are jealous too when you see your man talking to another woman. Let me tell you that the problem is actually not your man, but it is you. Before getting into a relationship with someone else, you need to make sure that you have a perfect relationship with yourself. If you have not fully accepted yourself as you are, you will be in constant doubt that someone else will fully accept you as you are. That’s the reason why when a woman will approach your man, you will get jealous because you will be always thinking that “maybe he likes her  because she has a prettier face, or better hair.” You will even have an entire scenario in your head of what your man might be thinking about the woman he is talking to. That man actually loves you as you are, and has accepted you as you are. So, why don’t you just do the same toward yourself? Your relationship with yourself is the first relationship you need to work on because having a man in your life will not make you feel more confident about yourself, unless you already were confident about yourself. Even dating the most handsome guy on earth will not. It will just make things worse, especially if he has a lot of women around him. You will be constantly suspicious and jealous, thus you might end up losing that man. Stop thinking that someone else will help you gain more confidence about yourself, that confidence is within you. Gain it by accepting yourself.

Mickaella Moyogo


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