An everyday black hero, a single mother



Whether her age, a woman who decide to keep a child in her womb should not receive less respect or a different treatment because she is still a mother. In many societies, giving birth at a younger age is considered as a shame, but it is a great act of bravura that should be praised.  It takes a lot to raise a child when you are consider as an outsider in your society. You wake up every day and wear an armor of confidence and faith, to protect not only yourself but your child from all the negative things she could hear every day. While many young ladies of her age would have aborted, Ibertine Toto, a 21 years old young lady, decided to keep her baby and to give herself away so that her one year girl everything she could even need. She gave up on her fears about motherhood, and on everything that she could hear from other people who were seeing her as an outsider in her society. Her pregnancy totally surprised her and her family because she discovered that she pregnant only after her second trimester. She said that her life completely changed because she had to make up her mind and prepare herself to be a mother so quickly. The most beautiful thing for her is to watch her child growing and learning from life every day. This experience completely changed her because now whatever she does will not only affect her, but her child. Her advice  to every young mothers is that “PATIENCE and more patience, motherhood skills come naturally, do not pressure yourself or ask too many questions. At a point of your life everything will falls into place !”

Mickaella Moyogo




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