It’s not the quantity of time you spend together that will make your relationship last, but it is the quality.



Many people think that because because you have dated someone for long years, you know the person well , and that you are both ready for the next step. It is totally wrong to think this way, because they are people who just dated for 6 month but knows each other so well.What’s so special about them? Did they move together or what? The answer is that they knew how to get to know each other. It true that you will never know someone entirely before getting married, but you can know him well before the big step by taking account of these:

1.Date nights together: Here i am not talking about going on a dinner, or on a cruse. The problems with dates is that people always act in a romantic way, and always show up the sweet part of themselves, some even fake themselves.So when i say dates…

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