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You can think that you are free because you don’t look enchained, but there are things that can keep you enchained for your entire life:
-Forgiveness: I am talking about forgiveness to yourself, not to people who hurt you. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made because they can block you from taking risks again and  accomplish your goals. You will be in constant fear of making mistakes and thinking about the bad decisions and investments you made last year. It is normal for everybody to make mistakes, but the most important is to learn from them, and to not repeat them.
-Stop listening to status quos: In today’s society, people have already pictured in their mind what a person can accomplish in a particular society. It seems like there are  boundaries that have been set, and nobody can cross them.It seems like some goals of life are just reserved to specific people because they fit better in there. “You can’t be a doctor or a lawyer when you come from a poor family,” or “you are not pretty or smart enough to accomplish this.” So,  you have make up your mind, and tell to yourself that it is better to be seen as an outsider, instead of being in crowd and look like everybody. Everybody  notice an outsider, and an outsider’s success make much more noises than a success made by “anybody.” You were called by God to be unique, so don’t be afraid to express your uniqueness in any ways because your uniqueness is what makes YOU.

-The comfort Zone: The comfort is that moment of your life where everything is going well because it is static. Nothing is moving because you have not taken any resolutions to work on yourself or on your dreams. You still there because you are afraid that things do not go the way you expected it. You have to know that things will not always go the way you expected them. They  can be better, worst,or still the same, but at least you would learn something that you will apply when you will be doing the next moves toward your goals. The comfort zone does not benefit you at all, do your next move this year and leave it.

Mickaella Moyogo




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