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Why women have to respect their bodies?


Nowadays, posting a nude picture is called “Art,” and it is totally normal now to expose your nudity everywhere on the internet. Wait, let’s start here. If you are a precious  work of Art, why would you expose yourself everywhere on the internet then? Notice that in museum people go there to see paintings and sculptures. The entrance in some museum is free and it is so easy to go there and contemplate some paintings and sculptures. There are also paintings that people order and buy from the artist. Some people are willing to spend huge amounts of money for that. They buy those paintings or sculptures, and place them in their home in a place where all the guests could admire them. Sometimes, the owner of the house would reinforce the security of his house, and won’t allow anybody to access his house because of the value of that work of art . Well, ladies! Do you wanna be the kind of work of art that are in a museum and the kind of work of art that is so accessible to anybody? Or do you want to be the precious work of art that someone will buy and keep preciously in his house because of its value and because of what it has costed to him to afford it? Your body is a work of art, and it should be reserved to the one that will honor you. Don’t make yourself look so accessible everywhere on the internet. You are a precious and unique work of art.

Mickaella Moyogo.





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