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Is success really having millions in your bank account?


lokolaMany think that succeeding in life is always a matter of opportunities. They imagine earning a large amount of money or meeting an important business partner with whom they will build an empire. The truth is that opportunities are always as small as they are,
but to detect them your mind must be set to do so like we would have said  “you must have the eye.” Therefore, we can conclude that the changes that matter the most are those that occur  inside of us because all our actions are led by our thoughts. The first successes are just becoming a better person inside, then better results  in our works will be seen outside.
– Trust in you: We hear this all the time. It sounds so “deja vu” to hear that but your self-confidence must be your shield in this world filled with all kind of adversities not just in terms of finances as many think. There will be people on your way who will be discouraging you, but only your self-confidence will allow you to pursue your dream.

-Learn to know your potential: Do not always spend your time talking or observing other’s people lives. Leave the gossip team. The people you’re talking about talk about their own lives, so talk about yours too. Take time for yourself and explore yourself because your potential will allow you to have a vision, and your vision will give you the directions you will have to follow to reach your destination.

-Improve yourself: Improve your habits, language, intellect, your style, and everything that you are. Improve everything you are  because those who aim really high, must have everything that it takes, and they must be able to make a lot of sacrifices . If you want to be the next Bill Gates or the next Michelle Obama speak like them, think like them and dress like them. Be a better you.

– Learn from others: Successful people should not be the target of criticism or jealousy but of praise and respect. They have a lot to teach us. Don’t forget that we all complete each other because we have different talents. You can live by yourself if you have all the talents in the world in you, otherwise you still need others. Envying other’s people talents is a waste of time because we all have unique talents to complete each other.

– Feed your vision: You have everything within you, and with you to start working on your vision. You have talent, natural resources like your hands, and what you possess like materials. Seize the moment, and begin to work on your vision with what you have. Tomorrow may not come.
Mickaella Moyogo, BeautyThroughTheMirror.


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