Hair and make up

Which role does makeup really play in women’s confidence?

16508577_1432709973419468_9036035566765957283_nLet’s ask ourselves as women this question “which role does makeup play in our self- confidence?” We will be surprised to hear the answer, but it is NONE. Makeup just enhance the natural beauty that we know we have. It should always enhance our natural beauty and never transform us into someone’s else. Self confidence is not something that we gain from people, or from material like make up, but it is something that we build from within us because being beautiful is not a feeling but it is a knowledge. If the confidence about our beauty was a feeling it would have been blown away easily by people and circumstances. But if it is a knowldege, it would have been stuck to our mind. It would have been shaken sometimes, but it would have always stayed in our minds. We should not rely on makeup to be more confiendent about being beautiful, but we should build and nourrish that knowledge within us that we are our own kind of beautiful.The true is that women have skin imperfections like pimples or hyperpygmentation . If your skin type does not fit into a particular standard of  beauty your society, it does not mean that you are not beautiful. What you should know is that no matter who you are, you are our own kind of beautiful because you are unique. You don’t have to be beautiful like her because we are not dolls with the same features made from a doll company, but we are unique creatures of God. Always remind to yourself that you are beautiful , and that you don’t have to fit to any standards of beauty of your society because as a unique creature of God you have our own standards of beauty. You have unique features. Build and nourrish this thought, and makeup will just enhance the natural beauty that you know that you alreadyhave. It will never transform you into that that person that you will only be while wearing the make up. With or without makeup, you are beautiful.

Mickaella Moyogo, BeautyThroughTheMirror.

Model: Hermine Buhendwa.


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