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Don’t go to the grave with your dreams.


It is said that cemeteries are one of the richest places on Earth because they are full of diversity. They are of full of people who had been given enough time on earth to reach their goals and leave their footprints but did not use it wisely. Some graves contain people’s bones, and some others have people’s dreams, people’s potentials, and people’s ideas. Do you think that we worth more than the people who died before us? surely not! But we can make our lives have greater impact if we follow those rules.

-Identify your potential: We are all gifted with something special and unique. Don’t let anyone make you feel that God has sent on earth to do nothing. Identify anything that you are naturally good at, and explore it. Discovering and using your potential is the key to impact the world, and to be remembered when you are gone.
-Feed your vision: After you discover your potential, start working on your vision with what you have. Don’t wait for the perfect tomorrow because tomorrow will only be perfect if you plan it today, and work on it with what you have. You have an idea, you have legs and hands, you have some money, you have great people surrounding you, so just go.
-Be perseverant: You will be discouraged on your way to your destiny not only when you will meet obstacles but also when you will not see the desired results. Remember that anything great requires more time than anything with lesser greatness.
-Never be satisfied: Satisfaction is a goal’s killer because many people when they reach even one of their goals think that they have made it all while there is so much more to accomplish. Your potential is so much complex than you think, so never cease to explore it and to use. Always have new goals, and new dreams because your mind has so much more to offer to the world than you think. May death find you working on your goals, not resting on the ones you have already reached.

Living longer does not matter, what matter is what you do with the time you have now. Some people have lived longer but they did not have any impact, some people did not live that long but had a great impact in the world. No matter how long you live, leave a great footprint.

Mickaella Moyogo,





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