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Know the person you are dating


Many people think that because because you have dated someone for long years, you know the person well , and that you are both ready for the next step. It is totally wrong to think this way, because they are people who just dated for 6 month but knows each other so well.What’s so special about them? Did they move together or what? The answer is that they knew how to get to know each other. It true that you will never know someone entirely before getting married, but you can know him well before the big step by taking account of these:

1.Date nights together: Here i am not talking about going on a dinner, or on a cruse. The problems with dates is that people always act in a romantic way, and always show up the sweet part of themselves, some even fake themselves.So when i say dates with your partner, I mean doing something has to do with real life situations like spending some time at home where you can see how your partner maintain his place or watching a documentary where everyone can freely share  his opinions. In real life situations people are obliged to show and use some of their skills. It is a good way to get to see how the person thinks and handle situations.

2.  Do you know the famous quote that says “Tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are,” well you should use it to get to know your partner. A good way to know your partner is to simply hang out with him and his friends. Pay attention to what will be discussed, and to how they will be acting during the date. You will get to know your partner a lot by doing that. Some people might behave differently , and even some of their friend might do the same thing. So hang out with different friends of different environment like: school. work, church and neighborhood.

3. Become close with his family. Becoming close with his family does not mean that you will get only to know your partner, but your partner can get to know you too by the reports of his family members. Especially for ladies, become your sister’s in law best friend so that she can get your back when she will be with her brother.

4. Then pay attention to what your partner do on social media. It is true that many people claim that social media is all fake, but if someone is being fake on social media, it means that he not real at all. Transparency should prevails  in a relationship, passwords must not be hidden. Don’t spy your partner all the time, but trust is something that grows too so get to see what your partner does on social media so you can trust him more.

Mickaella Moyogo.


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