life's lessons

You are already the person you were supposed to be…


I stopped using expressions like “I will be proud of the woman that I will become” because I’m at the right place and I have reached the goals I would have accomplished during this season of my life. I used to think that success was a destination, so I became hard on myself. At so many points of my life, I used to think that I was late on so many things and that I should be working harder to get myself where I was planning to be. Seeing myself on stage in 2017 to receive my degree made me realize that I needed to appreciate the moment and be thankful for what I had.
Not everybody will actually get to live their written scenario and the happy ending they have imagined because of the simple fact that breathing is not guaranteed. We don’t want to die with regrets and the only way to do so is to think you are enough about where you are and your present accomplishments so that whenever this journey of life would end, you would go with no regrets but just thankfulness. I might not be engaged or married now, or I might not be as influent as Oprah or as rich as she is but I’m thankful for my growth and for where I am. If my journey of life was ending today I would leave the stage with no regrets at all.
Let’s learn to appreciate our progress and celebrate the present’s success. We are now the person we should have been at this stage of your life, and in 5 years we will be the person we will be supposed to
be at this stage of our lives. Let’s not complain about not having now what we should have during the next stage of our lives. Each stage of life has its own success.
Celebrate each step. BE PROUD OF YOU

Mickaella Moyogo.

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