About Me






My name is Mickaella Angelica Moyogo Nzebo. I am Congolese, however I was born in South Africa. I grew up with my family in Kinshasa, my hometown, and built a part my life there . In 2012, my life completely changed when I traveled to the U.S.A to pursue my studies. It was definetely a turning point in my life. During my first two years at College, I did not really know what I wanted to do in life, and i kept switching from major to major. When i finally opened up about it with God, he helped me to discover my talents, and reminded me that i have always known who i were.Later, I discovered that i had different talents . I am actually majoring in Communication at Georgia State University, and I absolutely love it. Despite the fact that I discovered my communication skills, I discovered also other talents that were in me. I am actually a freelance model, and I do beauty pageants. I participated in two pageants during the last two years, and I actually won one which is Miss Congo USA 2015. I am just like everybody, trying to live my dreams. I am still discovering myself and I am hoping to live my dreams and to die happy.
The reason why I created “Beauty though the mirror” is because I wanted that blog to be like a mirror to many people around the world. A mirror that can help people to see themselves, a mirror that will  help people to discover their potentials and strengths, and a mirror that will help them to see their weaknesses and the areas of their life they need to work on. So welcome in Become Your Best Self